Friday, August 31, 2007

1st day of school :)

We started school a little bit late this year (the public schools started on August 21st) due to the move, but we don't usually take days off for Holiday's, at least not as many as the public schools do, so I'm sure we'll finish on schedule.

We decided to go with K12 this year, I needed something cheap, planned and assistance as needed, K12 fits the bill. These are two pictures of all the books we received yesterday, we have two more boxes coming next week with at least 3 more books in them. I missed the shot of "my" books, behind the box by M's feet...

You will have to trust me when I say that I was overwhelmed with all of the materials, Holy Cow!

But we jumped in today and it went rather well :) I can see that it will be challenging with three different grade levels, but I think we'll figure it out soon. I am loving that we are doing all the same things public school kids are doing but in the level that the kids are on. M is doing mostly 3rd grade work, though he's in 2nd grade and LittleMan is doing 1st grade math, though he's in Kindergarten. L is on level, doing 5th grade work, but they gave me lots of idea's on how to challenge her in the Language Arts department since she is above grade level in several areas.

And to think, just yesterday I was feeling fairly settled with the living room, we get 9 boxes of things and wham-o the room is a disaster once again :P.


Lena said...

Wow! That looks like fun! I'm so glad it's going well.

Lei said...

Hope you have a good school year!

g said...

That's really exciting! I've heard good things about K12.

Dorothy said...


You won a skein of yarn in my blog contest. I asked for comments on sock yarns.

I can't find an email address for you though. Please drop me an email, my address is is the sidebar of my blog.