Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hobble Creek Half Marathon

If you are planning on running this race, you need to register ASAP! I spoke with two of the clerks at Runner's Corner and they said it will most likely fill up in the next day or two. I haven't run this race yet, but I've seen the course, spoken with many that have run it and know the people that organize the race, it's going to be a great one. And it fits perfectly in my training for St. George, so I gotta figure out how to convince my hubby that racing is fun and worth the $30 ;). Plus it's not until August 24th so you have time to train, hehe.

I decided that my Garmin's name is now George. George was the name I used for everything when I was younger, I had a cactus named George, a mole named George, and many other things. So George it is :).

I have been working really hard on my yard the last several days, I need to get a picture put up here soon so you all can be amazed at my skills. Either that or laugh at my lack of skills ;).

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Garmin 205, oh how I love thee!

Stu got me a Garmin 205.
I have been lusting after one for over a year! When I first started running, I enjoyed just going and then coming home and figuring out how far I went. But then I started training for various races, so I had to run a specific distance, which usually meant I had to plot a course before I went out the door. I didn't mind for a long time, then I started to get bored and it was harder to find a route to run that wasn't full of hills.

With the Garmin, I can just take off out my front door, run where i feel like it and track my mileage all at the same time. Plus! I can do all sorts of other cool stuff, like tell it what pace I want to run and then a little training buddy pops up on my screen and I try to keep pace with him, how fun is that?

I have been sick for the last week, but finally got to take the Garmin for a run this morning, I think I need to name him. It has to be a him because it's freaking huge :P but that's ok. Anyway, I had a great time, just ran out from my house for 1.5 miles and then turned around and came home. But Saturday I'm running 8 miles and I look forward to checking out new scenery :).

Oh and I love my Hunny too, and not just because he buys me cool gadgets ;).

Friday, May 09, 2008

Riding on the crazy train, choo choo!!

I have been wanting to run the St. George marathon for 3 years now, but have been too chicken to commit to it. You have to register for the marathon by May 5th and the marathon isn't until October 4th, what if something happens and you can't go?

Well, I decided to just go for it and I got in!!! Woohoo!!!

I'm excited and scared to death at the same time, lets just hope gas isn't $10/gallon come October, because the marathon is on the other side of the state, lol. I guess it's time to bring the blog back around to fit in with blog name :).

Choo Choo!