Sunday, January 06, 2008

Now that takes talent!

or something ;).

Friday morning I was preparing for the day. For some reason I couldn't get my contact in my right eye, after several attempts I finally got it in. I went grocery shopping, got Stu from work so I could go to school. As I sat down in the classroom I thought "my right eye is really blurry, weird" so I blinked hard, then rubbed it lightly to try and get my contact in the right position. I assumed my eye was just being weird so I ignored the blurriness the rest of the day.

At the end of the night I tried to get my right contact out, I couldn't feel it (this is where you guys that know me begin to chuckle :P). I tried and tried and tried, no luck. I come out and ask Stu "help me find my contact, I think I got it stuck up under my lid or something, he looked and looked and finally said "it's not in there, you dropped it taking it out" So we look all around the bathroom, I find a torn up, dried out, contact lens.

That's right, in the morning, I as I was putting my contact in I somehow managed to drop it and not notice! So I'm out one contact and keep laughing at myself, I didn't notice that my contact was missing all day and didn't notice it wasn't in my freaking eye as I was gouging it out trying to get my contact out.

Talent, yeah, that's it ;)

Friday, January 04, 2008

My 5 year old, why I love him

I decided that I'm going to post something about each of my kids, to remind me why I love them and why I love the stage that they are in :).

I don't have time to get my camera out right now, so I'll try to edit this post later to add pictures.

LittleMan just lost his first tooth, it was so funny. He was eating spaghetti and bit something hard, he took it out of his mouth and L said "oh, it's your tooth!" LittleMan freaked out tried to shove it back into place and screamed, lol. I said "it's okay, buddy, now you can put it under your pillow for money" of course that perked him up, hehe. I told him to get a tissue to wipe it off and he promptly dropped the tooth, never to be found again :(. We have white carpet, baby teeth are tiny!! So we wrote a note to the tooth fairy and he got his "big pennies".

He also got his bike for Christmas, he loves that thing and makes sure he always has his helmet on, I never have to fight him to wear it :). He loves being my big helper and loves cuddling up with me at any time, so awesome.

In school he is doing 1st Grade math and just loves it, he's still learning letter sounds and even some of his letters, he just isn't interested, but that's okay with me, since he is trying anyway.

In Primary he is always willing to give the talk or prayer or tip over his chair or pull his teachers earrings, lol, such a character (never to hurt her of course, just playing).

Oh, time to go to school, I'll write more later, this was fun :).