Friday, April 28, 2006

Yay! Finals are over :)

My hardest final was last night and I think my brain is still mush :P. I'm just happy to be done, no more studying or anything until August, woohoo!!

Now to figure out how to make a cookie monster cake without a round cake pan or any decorating supplies, lol. I think I'll call my IL's and see if they have the cake pans and then just use my imagination when it comes to making the cake look like its furry, ha.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

6 weird things about me....

Sabra tagged me. I am trying to think of 6 noteworthy things and am having a hard time. So I'm sure I'll change this post a few times, updating with good weird stuff :P

1. I have hitch hikers thumb, this pic isn't the best. I'm no photog.

2. I have to have my ankles crossed when I'm laying down, doesn't matter if I'm on my back, tummy or side. And I didn't realize that I did this until little man started doing it about 2 years ago, lol.

3. In 8th grade I was in the class spelling bee and ended up winning it. So I went on to the school spelling bee. Not weird you say? well, I still spell words in my head, like I'm practicing for some randomw spelling bee? no idea. And for the record, I missed the first word at the school spelling bee, ha.

4. I enjoy tomato and cheese sandwiches, yum! tomato in the center and two slices of cheese for the "bread" and thats it, so good. And my sister says that the fact that I enjoy radishes is weird :P

5. The arches of my feet are super high and my toes are super short. I have nice square feet :P

6. I think in a Southern accent, no idea why. I've lived in Utah all my life, except for a brief two year break to California. Its really bad and I start to speak the accent outloud when I hear someone with an accent. But I really suck at it if I try to do it on purpose, lol.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I can be a good mom...

from time to time ;)

I took the kids to a playground today.

M had a blast swinging.

L is a monkey

Little man is not, lol. He is saying "I scared" in that pic, tee hee.

Here is Little man trying to be a monkey, as you can see, he is barely off the ground, lol.

And because I am mean, here is M being scared too :P

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Products that I love.

First, my Dyson, it is awesome! I love vacuuming and this just makes it that much more satisfying. I can see all the ick I'm sucking out of my carpet and couches. Makes me feel less dirty ;)

I also love Kaboom, this stuff rocks! It seriously cleans really well and doesn't smell like a cleaner, awesome!

My newest addition to my laundry routine includes Gain laundry detergent. I used to use Arm & Hammer, but the store was out so I chose Gain and haven't looked back :) Smells good, but not strong, cleans well and is pretty reasonably priced.

I'm also inlove with unscented dryer sheets, it used to be hard to find them. Bounce was the only one to make them, but now I can get the store brand that works well. Target is my store brand of choice :)

And last but not least, sidewalk chalk. I forgot I had some until yesterday, my kids have been drawing masterpieces outside for hours. Woot!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Little man funny.

Little man doesn't care much for chocolate. Maybe its because he couldn't have any for so long? no idea.

Anyway, my visiting teacher brought over some treats for Easter. Way cute cupcakes (I'll take a pic in a bit and update this post) with some green coconut and jelly beans on top. The boys were very excited and had to have one right this second. Fine by me, I wanted one too ;). So I get one for each of the boys and had to explain what the "gween guff is" several times.

Little man eats a jelly bean and says "mmmm...this is gweat!" Then he tastes the "gween guff" and says "ewww, gacks yucky" while running to spit it out in the garbage can. I say "its ok if you don't like the coconut, just take it off and throw it away." He looks at me and back at his cupcake, opens his mouth wide and takes a large bite right of the top. I was watching intently since he just stated that he didn't like the coconut and the cupcake is chocolate, lol. He gets this look on his face that was priceless, I wish I had my camera ready. It was like he had the most vile, disgusting thing ever known to man in his mouth. It was hilarious!! He ran and spit it out in the garbage and then walked over to me.....

"Nevermind, you have it." whilst handing me the cupcake, tee hee.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Migraines suck!

I think I have a sympathy migraine because of Sheri's return of migraines. Excedrine migraine usually works fairly well for me, for the pain anyway. But I was at the grocery store when this one hit and I had to wait bout 40 minutes before I was able to take any meds. They aren't really helping this time :(

I guess its time to go back to the doctor and ask for samples of meds again. I need to find one that works for me. If anyone has any nausea tips, I'd appreciate them. I don't usually throw up but I get super nauseus, which sucks.

There go my plans for doing laundry, cleaning the bathroom and writing a paper today, sigh.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I actually worked out today!

I have been really lazy lately. As soon as I decided against running a marathon this year, I stopped running. So today, after a two week layoff, I went running :). I made it about 2.5 miles in 30 minutes, way slow, but thats ok. I'm just glad that I got out there and got over my slump. Atleast I hope I'm over it. I also lifted some weights for my upper body, now my arms feel like they are going to fall off, hehe.

Little man was mad though, he wanted to go to the gym daycare and I let him down :P. I told him that I'd take him tomorrow so I can workout again, that seemed to appease him somewhat. I guess that will force me to workout again since he will not let me forget my promise, haha.

My finals are in two weeks, I feel like I have been sitting on my butt for way too long lately. I'm really looking forward to summer vacation, woohooo!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Little man is still allergic to corn :S

His reaction was less severe than the last time he was exposed to corn. So I suppose I should take comfort in that. But I'm still tired of dealing with food allergies as I'm sure he is as well.

Stu took Little man for their father/son day and they had a blast! But my hunny forgot that Little man can't have chicken nuggets since they always include corn and/or soy, both are part of his allergen list :P. He seems to be back to normal today, which is awesome! So maybe in another 6 months or so, we can try again and maybe, just maybe we can mark another allergen off the list.

Update: (monday April 10th) Little man is still having some intestinal issues today, but no rashes and his tummy doesn't seem to be hurting much, so the duration of his reaction is the same as usual, but the severity seems to have lessened :)

Saturday, April 08, 2006

That was awesome!

I had the opportunity to help with the Deaf Conference at UVSC this week. I was part of the "security" team, which makes me laugh cause I am not very big or (hopefully) scary looking, haha. I just made sure that the conference goers were in the right rooms and gave them stickers for their interpreter credentials or whatever its called ;)

I love watching people use sign language. Its amazing to me that they can converse without any sounds (well, that they can hear). It can be so beautiful, funny, serious, somber, whatever that is needed. I learned that I know hardly any signs, lol. Everyone was so accepting, so understanding, just wonderful.

I can't wait for the next conference in 2008, hopefully by then I'll know enough signs that I wont have to stare at them blankly and say "sorry, I don't know", I can actually be helpful. Well, I did tell one person where a classroom was that he was looking for and another what time it was. So I wasn't a complete idiot ;)

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Its April!

I don't want stupid snow in April! I want warm weather, cute flowers, green grass, no jackets! Yes, I know its Utah and I should be used to this. But I don't wanna, waaah!

I think I'll hibernate today :P

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


I started working on this shower curtain like 6 months ago, lol. I finally finished it whilst watching General Conference this past weekend. I love it!! Its not perfect, but I think its pretty and I made it all by myself. Well, my hunny helped me figure out how much material to get ;)

Now to work on my quilt I planned a year or so ago, tee hee.

Monday, April 03, 2006

I'm so lazy.

I have eaten so much junk food in the last 5 days, I could've started my own convenience store :S. And when I eat like crap, I feel like crap. When I feel like crap, I don't do anything. :( I did manage to clean off my desk and do some homework. Got a few things ready to list on eBay, but nothing like I usually do on the weekends. I feel like such a lump.

Now lets add the time change, I feel like I haven't really slept in the last two days. Rather than fold clothes and clean up my living room, I'm staring at my computer. Nothing to read or do, just spacing out. I decided to blog about it, so I could say I did accomplish something today :P

I suppose I should go make a salad, snap myself out of my gluttonous pit of junk. But that would require movement, not to mention the chewing. I guess its good I ate all the girl scout cookies, candy bars and just about everything else containing sugar in my house :P. I heard that eating a banana can help your mood. Maybe I'll go eat the last one ;)

Saturday, April 01, 2006

So good at talking myself out of stuff.

I woke up this morning and thought "I should go workout at the gym today, it has been a few days since I've exercised." So I got up, went to the bathroom and thought "nah, I'll go shopping instead." Yep, I went shopping, lol. Thats exercise right? It sure felt like it with all the weaving through crowds of people at the store. Reaching through a couple that wouldn't move to get that self charging flashlight, score! Lugging a gallon of milk and my purchases up the stairs and into the house. Yeah, that counts ;)

I did rearrange my living room furniture yesterday, so that should count too. I'll be doing laundry today, up and down 14 stairs about 100 times will be a good workout too :P

Yeah, now I'm talking myself out of thinking I'm a big lazy lump on a log. Man....I'm good!