Monday, October 31, 2011

Interpreting rocks!

A few snippets of things I've interpreted so far this semester:

 Rats ass
 dammit, damn, damned, dangit (all to see if they were interpreted differently)
 mother f*&%er wherein I signed "mother swear" 'cause that's totally equivalent ;)
throw him under the bus

I know there are more but I am drawing a blank, boo. Comment with some good stuff you have interpreted or witnessed recently :)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Growing pains

This was me the first few months of the new move and the new job. It is hard getting through so many changes. Everyone here wants me to succeed, to do a good job but it was coming at me at every angle and I couldn't handle it. So I stood up for myself and said, you are all great but back off.
 And they did, hehe imagine that. I still get lots of feedback, I still get mentoring and get pushed out of my comfort zone but it's more manageable now. I know we will all learn from each other, each person involved in the community, that I have had contact with, has been awesome. I will be a better interpreter when all is said and done and I know (here comes the conceited part of me) the community will have been better off with me being involved too.

just added this photo because I want this watch, it will be mine someday :)