Thursday, March 13, 2008

Random blah's

1. Dax is sick, she sneezes and coughs a lot, plus she is stinky. So I'm taking her to the vet this afternoon, I hope it's just a cold and that it will fix her stinkiness, she is a lap cat, I don't love her smell. I really don't want her smell on me :P.

2. I have been putting a lot of time on for work, they are really busy so they assigned me extra work, I have typed up 141 pages in two days, my wrists hurt, a lot. My ears also hurt a bit from the head phones, no fun.

3. I finally am caught up with work and now a storm is coming in so I didn't get to enjoy any sunshine while it was here :(

4. It's my spring break from school, no fun plans, no real break from anything, blah.

Lets hope things are better tomorrow! Oooh, I just remembered that my Hunny it taking me on a date tomorrow night, woot!

Monday, March 10, 2008

New babies....

We are done having human babies, so we decided it was time for some fur babies. I love most animals, so it has been hard not having any of my own for so long. Stu
only likes cats, so we decided to get cats (for now), after weeks of checking the Humane Society's website, we decided to bite the bullet and go get a kitty. Then we thought that we probably should get two so they wouldn't be lonely.

Up first is "Snake" she "rattles" the tip of her tail when she is nervous, too cute! And she never stops talking, seriously!

And then we have "Dax" a Star Wars character on Deep Space Nine. She has extra toes, pretty freaky looking actually. But she is cute when she isn't being grouchy, she does not like Snake at all! Though today she actually looked at her a few times without hissing or growling, that's a step in the right direction!
Snake puked this evening, I forgot that cats puke sometimes, this better not be a regular occurrence :P.