Friday, June 27, 2008

Week 4

I'm posting this early because this weekend I will be at a family reunion so I got my runs done early.

M - planned rest
T - 3, not a fun run, I was very glad it was over.
W - 4, marks the last run I'll do after 8 am, too dang hot!
Th- 9.1, ran this alone, boring but uneventful which is nice. Longest run since February 2007.
F - 3.4, supposed to be 3 but thought I could take a different route and ended up adding mileage, oops.

total for the week = 19.5 miles, woot. I'm tired and very happy to get some time off from running this weekend, though I know it wont be restful :P.

Next week I'm considering running a 10k just to see if there is any speed hiding in these legs (and I mean speed for me, still considered a penguin in the running world, lol).

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Crazy kitty.

My husband's kitty, Dax, is 5 years old, but acts like a kitten still when new toys come out. I tried to get a photo of her holding the toy with her extra toes, but it didn't come out right :(.

And here she is enjoying her mousey prize :).

My kitty, Snake, rarely plays, she is 2 and feels way too old for that anymore. She just talks a lot and now that she is feeling better (she was pretty sick for about a week) she just wants to eat and sleep all the time.

I love having pets, though it's really hard when they get sick :S. I'm thinking chickens are my next pet, hehe.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Week 3

I almost didn't post this week because I ended up with 91% of my planned runs and though that is awesome, I was not totally pleased with myself. Then I talked to my friend that is also training for a marathon and she laughed at my thought of running this morning, just to get those 1.4 miles I missed :P. Yeah, I do get a bit stuck on the plan sometimes and forget that life will just happen, let it go and move in already ;).

Monday - planned rest day
Tuesday - unplanned rest day, sometimes being a girl throws ya for a loop once a month (or twice a month if you are unlucky like me :P).
Wednesday - 4.5 miles, pushed myself hard and it was awesome!
Thursday - 3 miles, ran slow to recover from Wednesday.
Friday - cross training in the form of crazily mowing the lawn and scrubbing down the house before my friends came over for game night.
Saturday - 6.1 miles, had to make up a mile, just couldn't live with myself if I didn't. Ran with my friend, had a blast :).

Total 13.6 miles

Week 4 is a big pick up week for me, 19 miles planned and I have to run my 9 miler alone (farthest I've run since March of 2007), we'll see how it goes :).

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Week 2

Another week down, it was a hard one so of course now I'm worried about the real hard weeks coming :S.

Monday- rest day
Tuesday - 3 miles
Wednesday - 3 miles, ran it on the path by the canal. It was nice running on dirt and gravel.
Thursday - 3 miles, I was really tired after this run, very happy for the Friday rest day.
Friday - rest day
Saturday - 7 miles, went a bit faster than expected, woot. I also shopped with my Aunt and Cousin for 5, yes 5! hours and stood at the parade for 2 hours, needless to say, my feet and knees were mighty tired when I went to bed.

Total for the week 16 miles.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My yard progress.

First, I'll get the embarrassing shot out of the way. A shameless brag about my calves, I actually have muscles to show, woot!! This is L's artistic shot of my legs, she tried 3 times and this is the best of the bunch. Here is the front of my house, I put in those pavers myself, lots and lots of work! But I love them!
These sexagon hexagon (I'm such an idiot, I almost put sectagon too, lol) pavers were what we had for a path up to the front door, where the rectangle ones are now. They were spaced out so much, I had to leap from one to the next, not so great in a dress or in the snow. I always felt really bad for guests too, but hey they work great from the driveway. I'll be filling in that dirt with grass and taking out the sidewalk eventually.
Here is my backyard garden, still little but I have kept them alive for a week already, woohoo!!
And here is my side yard garden, I didn't have enough room here for all of the plants, that's why I have two gardens (not to mention the worry our neighbors across the street will help themselves as things ripen).
So my hours and hours of yardwork don't look like much yet, but it's a good start. I need to go find a before shot of the front yard, you'll be slightly more impressed :P. Hopefully my plants will get big and I'll show the progress :). I have *gulp* 14 tomato plants, 24 pepper plants, 3 cucumber plants, and 3 squash.

edited to fix my stupid mistake, thanks Lena :)

Monday, June 09, 2008

Week 1 done

So last week was the 1st week of my 18 week training plan. It ended up being a crazy week so I didn't complete all my runs, actually only half of them :S. But I did get lots of cardio and other workouts in, so it wasn't a complete waste.

Monday- planned day off from running, yoga is my cross training of choice.
Tuesday - 3 miles in 36 minutes, feeling really slow, I have never been fast but this is pretty slow for me, maybe the speed will come back someday.
Wednesday- didn't eat well on Tuesday, was exhausted so I took the day off. Ended up tearing out the carpet in the living room.
Thursday- another day of no running, but more furniture moving and carpet removing, good workout!
Friday - planned rest day, did housework instead.
Saturday - 6 miles, 1hr 7 min, 38 minutes for the 1st 3 miles (mostly gradual uphill, wears me out) and then the best news ever, 29 minutes for the 2nd 3 miles, my fastest 3 miler ever!! I'm quite excited about this! Maybe the speed is hiding in there.

Week total = 9 miles, was supposed to be 15, but I'm not too worried, it wont be a trend ;)

I'm going to make Wednesdays runs be my speed workouts, I'll try different things as the length gets longer.

On to week number 2!!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

I haven't been running.

I took a couple extra days off of running, I seemed to have found something else to keep me busy instead....

Gross stains that keep coming back.

A good picture showing the before and after, on the left is the floor that was just covered by carpet and on the right is the floor I refinished last year.

The floor is in pretty good shape, I will refinish it though.

Just another view.

Yeah, I also did more work on the yard too, it's raining today so I wont be taking any pictures just yet. Patience, my child, patience.