Monday, June 09, 2008

Week 1 done

So last week was the 1st week of my 18 week training plan. It ended up being a crazy week so I didn't complete all my runs, actually only half of them :S. But I did get lots of cardio and other workouts in, so it wasn't a complete waste.

Monday- planned day off from running, yoga is my cross training of choice.
Tuesday - 3 miles in 36 minutes, feeling really slow, I have never been fast but this is pretty slow for me, maybe the speed will come back someday.
Wednesday- didn't eat well on Tuesday, was exhausted so I took the day off. Ended up tearing out the carpet in the living room.
Thursday- another day of no running, but more furniture moving and carpet removing, good workout!
Friday - planned rest day, did housework instead.
Saturday - 6 miles, 1hr 7 min, 38 minutes for the 1st 3 miles (mostly gradual uphill, wears me out) and then the best news ever, 29 minutes for the 2nd 3 miles, my fastest 3 miler ever!! I'm quite excited about this! Maybe the speed is hiding in there.

Week total = 9 miles, was supposed to be 15, but I'm not too worried, it wont be a trend ;)

I'm going to make Wednesdays runs be my speed workouts, I'll try different things as the length gets longer.

On to week number 2!!

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