Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Crazy kitty.

My husband's kitty, Dax, is 5 years old, but acts like a kitten still when new toys come out. I tried to get a photo of her holding the toy with her extra toes, but it didn't come out right :(.

And here she is enjoying her mousey prize :).

My kitty, Snake, rarely plays, she is 2 and feels way too old for that anymore. She just talks a lot and now that she is feeling better (she was pretty sick for about a week) she just wants to eat and sleep all the time.

I love having pets, though it's really hard when they get sick :S. I'm thinking chickens are my next pet, hehe.


Heidi said...

Chickens are AWESOME! ;)

I love my cat though... who would have thought? ;)

Lena said...

I'm so glad your kitty is okay. I love ours. It's amazing how good they can fit right in to your family. So low maintenance too!