Sunday, June 22, 2008

Week 3

I almost didn't post this week because I ended up with 91% of my planned runs and though that is awesome, I was not totally pleased with myself. Then I talked to my friend that is also training for a marathon and she laughed at my thought of running this morning, just to get those 1.4 miles I missed :P. Yeah, I do get a bit stuck on the plan sometimes and forget that life will just happen, let it go and move in already ;).

Monday - planned rest day
Tuesday - unplanned rest day, sometimes being a girl throws ya for a loop once a month (or twice a month if you are unlucky like me :P).
Wednesday - 4.5 miles, pushed myself hard and it was awesome!
Thursday - 3 miles, ran slow to recover from Wednesday.
Friday - cross training in the form of crazily mowing the lawn and scrubbing down the house before my friends came over for game night.
Saturday - 6.1 miles, had to make up a mile, just couldn't live with myself if I didn't. Ran with my friend, had a blast :).

Total 13.6 miles

Week 4 is a big pick up week for me, 19 miles planned and I have to run my 9 miler alone (farthest I've run since March of 2007), we'll see how it goes :).


Dave & Marie said...

congrats on the marathon training. I'll be excited to see how your training goes. that is the hardest part right?

Lena said...

You are the woman! What a great job!

Running Knitter said...

Looks like your training is going well. Keep up the great job! :)

-Running Knitter (found you through ravelry :) )