Monday, March 30, 2009


I want to blog more, but I'm busy so I can't make any promises right now. I'm at the tail end of bronchitis, I'm hoping! It has really thrown me for a loop, 2 weeks I have been sick and I'm ready to be done!

To all of you complainers, you know you are jealous that you didn't have your own poop bucket to dispose of, so you should be thanking me for sharing my joy ;). I had the camera on the ground with the automatic picture taking thing turned on. It was frozen so there wasn't much smell, luckily for me ;).

things I will blog about at some point....

LittleMan lost one of his top front teeth, too cute!
M got elbow and knee pads and Stu took him to the skate park, much fun was had.
L is officially registered for Jr. High, got her shots and everything.
I am putting my hat back into the crazy world of marathoning, entering into the St. George lottery again :)
One month of school left, busy busy busy.

I will be back. Eventually ;)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Update on plumbing

If you remember my plumbing post we had some troubles with our plumbing. I went out of town for 6 days with the kids and in that time, the blockage just got worse. Stu ended up calling a plumber once sewage started coming out of that pipe, sick! I didn't know that the sewage was coming out, so once I came home and helped cap the end of the pipe...

I saw the bucket, lucky for you, I didn't get a picture of the full bucket. You can thank me with money donations, lol. Anyway, I got mad that it was left for me so Stu got a submersible pump and pumped all the liquid out he could and then he took the "solids" outside. Also lucky for you, they froze so it looks just like muddy water. But we all know what it really is, lol.

I put on my "gloves" and wrapped up the bucket then took it out to the garbage can. It was garbage day the next day so I took the garbage out to the street just in case the bucket thawed, we wouldn't have to worry about spillage taking the garbage out later. I know, I'm brilliant sometimes ;).

And another shot of me wrapping up the bucket, just because.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I'm back :)

I went running today for the first time since mid December. I didn't realize how much I missed it until I got out there. I've lost a lot of fitness but boy did it feel good pushing myself again. I'm also going to do the 100 push ups challenge starting on Monday. I want to try to get into the St. George marathon again this fall, so I need to get back into shape. If I don't get into the marathon I'll pick another one for the fall.

Here's hoping tomorrow my muscles will be pleasantly sore :D (yes, I realize I am strange, lol)