Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Happy Birthday LittleMan!

The time is flying by so fast, I can't believe it has been 6 years already! You have grown so much, many changes are made right before my eyes.

We had a bit of a rough start, you came 3 weeks early, though were huge, and had problems with food allergies right from the start. Add on ear infections and asthma stuff, RSV, pneumonia, many trips to the doctor, very little sleep. But you always had a smile on your face, such a content little boy. Though true to the stereotypes, you have quite a redhead temper!

My camera decided to die today, of course, so you'll have to make due with old photos and hopefully I can get the pictures off the memory card and maybe kick my camera back into submission.

Turning 3, what I get cake?

Turning 4.

And turning 5, he didn't like the smell of the smoke after he blew out the candles, lol.

You have learned to read, add two digit numbers, and sometimes you can even count passed 20. One of my favorite things about homeschooling this year is seeing each kids personality and what they enjoy. LittleMan loves to do math, he can't count very well still and doesn't know all of his letters but he can read. It seems he doesn't like to do anything easy, let's jump on in to the hard stuff and get going!

I look forward to another fun filled year with you, little guy, I love you.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

10 Random Happies

Hey, long time no see :). I was told that I needed to update and I can't really argue that, it has been quite awhile.

My last post had blah's and I have more happy stuff this time, but no pictures so maybe that will come next.

1. Dax is fine, the vet put her on antibiotics and the vet tech helped me clip her toenails, her very long toenails. She seems to have adopted me, since I let her sit on me all the time. Does that mean I sit too much? ;).

2. M just lost another top tooth, now he can't say his s's very well, it's quite funny. I need to take a picture soon! Also, he had an extra tooth grow in and when he was about 18 months we took him to the dentist, they told us that he would need it pulled sooner rather than later since it was too crowded in the front. When he was almost 2, we had the tooth pulled as it was pushing over his front teeth, he liked being first in his kindergarten class to have lost a tooth. Now it looks kind of funny hanging out there alone, you'll have to wait for a picture to see what I mean.

3. The Spring semester is over and boy am I happy to have survived, it was a nightmare there at the end, still not quite over but we don't need to talk about that here ;).

4. I quit my job, such a relief, money is tight again but I am happier and therefore, everyone else in the house is as well :).

5. I challenged my friend to a workout competition, just the two of us. Loser takes the winner to dinner, so really we both win ;). We are both very competitive so this will be interesting. We are just going by minutes exercised. This is our first week and I have worked out three days in a row, sadly though, I'm pretty sure Cathleen cheated and did a double workout today so she is in the lead ;). Don't you fret, I will win, oh yes, I will win.

6. I don't think I mentioned on here that we decided to put the kids into regular public school next year. L is very happy, the social butterfly can't wait to have lots of girls to chat with, she also thinks it will be much easier, we shall see ;).

7. With the kids all in school all day, I decided to move up to full-time at school so I can graduate sooner, woohoo!! I have been in school for so long, I think I'll go into withdrawals once I graduate, or maybe not.

8. Our tv is almost dead, why is that a happy? Well, it means we'll get a flat screen tv (eventually) and I can get rid of our beasty old tv and entertainment center, woot!

9. Spring is here, sure we'll get snow here and there but I'm ignoring that, I went running outside on Monday afternoon, it was glorious!

10. Stu took me to the driving range, I have never been and it was so much fun, we decided to go golfing this weekend, woohoo!! So I need to see if I can say that's a workout because I'm totally counting it if it does, mwahahahah.

Catch ya later!