Thursday, January 26, 2006

New Shoes!!!!

Oh how I love getting new shoes! I'm so excited to try them out. I already told Stu that I'm going for a short run (3 miles) after dinner, tee hee.

They are blue and white, mostly blue since I hate the dirty "white" look that takes over the first time you run in your new shoes. They are so comfy and feel great when I'm running! Nice and supported but not too stiff or hard. Not loose and wiggly like my last pair felt, even when my laces were tight.

Perfect timing since marathon training officially starts on Monday, woohoo!! Oh and "Hawk" the owner of Runner's Corner, gave me some tips on training for the Canyonlands half marathon. So I'm psyched up for that now too, yay!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Tag, I'm it!

Seven Things To Do Before I Die:
Run my first marathon
Beat my race times for the half marathon and 10k (the only races I've done thus far)
Own a home
Own a car that isn't about to die the moment we purchase it
Get my bachelors degree
Keep a clean house for more than 2 days in a row ;)
Finish raising my three wonderful kids, gotta make sure they survive childhood with me as their mother

Seven things I cannot do:
Squish spiders
Chew ice
Swim, unless you count doggy paddling ;)
Eat mushrooms
Stop eating junkfood
Get rid of this headache!

Things That Attract Me To My Spouse (In NO particular order):
His smile
His butt
His sense of humor
His generosity
He is always looking out for whats best for me first
His refusal to say my name ;), hehe kidding
How hard he works to provide for us

Seven Things That I Write (Or Say) Most Often:
Stop saying penis!
Don't bite!
Pick up this mess
No more fighting!
I love you
Please stop talking!

Seven Movies I Could Watch Over And Over Again:
Titanic, aww
Transformers, not by choice, but I've got it memorized so it counts ;)
Umm..movies? hmm...I rarely watch movies so I'm cheating and switching it to tv shows :P
CSI New York
The Biggest Loser

Seven People I Want To Join In:
Stu, my hunny :)
Why am I always picked last? everyone on my list has been chosen, dang!


I am feeling blue this week. Or something. I've been having sinus headaches again, well sortof again since they never really stop. And that means that I don't sleep well, which means I don't work out, which means I am mean and grumpy.
Yeah, I'm a winner. I've logged 3 miles so far this week, to put that in a context, I should be at 10 miles thus far. Yeah, I suck.
Add the cloudy, bleck weathear that dumped 5 or so inches of snow last night. I'm no fun to be around. I think I need to take some meds and hit the hay a little early tonight. Maybe buy myself a treat ;)

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Annoying Christmas presents...

I was trying to decide which Christmas presents were hits and which ones were annoying, ones that I wanted to get "lost". This year most of the gifts were winners, the kids love them and they aren't really annoying. Well, the light sabres aren't exactly quiet toys, but we can handle 'em.
Last year however, brought a toy that I think needs to be banned. My Mom bought them for the kids and I know that Grandparent's are supposed to buy loud, obnoxious toys that the kids love but the parents wish would die. My mom succeeded in her endevour, she got walkie talkies. Not any walkie talkie, they are scooby doo and she of course provided batteries. Gee, thanks mom! But whats worse? They have this wonderful little button that you can push for a S.O.S. sound. Do my kids know S.O.S? of course not, all they know is that you can hold this handy dandy little button down and a high pitched squeel is emitted from little Scooby that makes me want to jab screw drivers into my head. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! EEEEEEEEEE!!!

Yeah, they live in the top of the closet most days, but I do send them outside from time to time so the neighbors can enjoy the sounds of dying Scooby. We do, afterall, have many neighbors that are grandparents. I figured that their kids are thanking me for sharing in the pain that we endure with their gifts :)

This week in training 1/9-1/14

This week was a good week :) I missed one run, but was able to make up the mileage on other days. I wont do this farther along in my marathon training, but figured it was ok for now.

Monday: 3.3 miles, recovery. A bit tight, especially my shin on the left leg, but it did loosen up a bit.
Tuesday: 0, so tired I couldn't fathom actually waking up, let alone working out.
Wednesday:4 miles, this was actually 5 on the eliptical but it felt more like a 4 mile effort, so I adjusted accordingly.
Thursday: off
Friday: 5.3 at marathon pace, felt nice :)
Saturday: 10.3, on the 'mill. The longest 2 hours of my life!! Seriously sucked. I was so bored that I ran the last two miles way faster than planned, I just wanted to be done.

Total: 22.9, woot! should've done just a tenth of a mile more for an even number, oh well ;)

Saturday, January 07, 2006

This week in training 1/2-1/7

I had a great run this morning, I think that clouds my judgement when it comes to reviewing the week ;)

Monday-um yeah, slept in :)
Tuesday- 4.4 miles, played around with the treadmill a bit, a little faster here a little slower there, some "hills", etc.
Wednesday- 3.1 miles, my version of speedwork. 1/2 mile faster and 1/2 slower and then each 1/2 mile that was fast, had to be faster than the last 'fast'.
Thursday - off
friday -yep, slept in again. But went to the chiropractor, feeling much better.
Saturday - planned 6 but ran 7. My shoulders and neck have bothered me for awhile, the chiropractor fixed me up and I didn't want to stop running, but ran out of time, darn.

Got a new little pedometer (thanks Jenn!) that tracks miles, so I had fun trying it out and hope to use it a bit more often when I want to run without plotting a course :)

total for the week = 14.5 a little low, but its ok I'm getting there.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

First day of school!!!

I am so excited to start this semester! I get to start my American Sign Language classes. Totally makes me giddy just counting down the time until class starts, hehe. And there are 5ish classes that I get to take until I am done with all UVSC has to offer, just makes me smile! I think I can handle my other two classes now, Anthropology and Astronomy, yeah I have all "A" classes this semester, no it wasn't intentional, lol.

Oh and I ran yesterday and today, both good workouts but I'm glad that I get tomorrow off, woot!