Saturday, January 07, 2006

This week in training 1/2-1/7

I had a great run this morning, I think that clouds my judgement when it comes to reviewing the week ;)

Monday-um yeah, slept in :)
Tuesday- 4.4 miles, played around with the treadmill a bit, a little faster here a little slower there, some "hills", etc.
Wednesday- 3.1 miles, my version of speedwork. 1/2 mile faster and 1/2 slower and then each 1/2 mile that was fast, had to be faster than the last 'fast'.
Thursday - off
friday -yep, slept in again. But went to the chiropractor, feeling much better.
Saturday - planned 6 but ran 7. My shoulders and neck have bothered me for awhile, the chiropractor fixed me up and I didn't want to stop running, but ran out of time, darn.

Got a new little pedometer (thanks Jenn!) that tracks miles, so I had fun trying it out and hope to use it a bit more often when I want to run without plotting a course :)

total for the week = 14.5 a little low, but its ok I'm getting there.


Pamela said...

I miss running. I have to see an ortho doctor before I can run again. someday.............

QueenMeadow said...

I'm sorry Pamela, I hope you can get back to it eventually!