Saturday, January 14, 2006

This week in training 1/9-1/14

This week was a good week :) I missed one run, but was able to make up the mileage on other days. I wont do this farther along in my marathon training, but figured it was ok for now.

Monday: 3.3 miles, recovery. A bit tight, especially my shin on the left leg, but it did loosen up a bit.
Tuesday: 0, so tired I couldn't fathom actually waking up, let alone working out.
Wednesday:4 miles, this was actually 5 on the eliptical but it felt more like a 4 mile effort, so I adjusted accordingly.
Thursday: off
Friday: 5.3 at marathon pace, felt nice :)
Saturday: 10.3, on the 'mill. The longest 2 hours of my life!! Seriously sucked. I was so bored that I ran the last two miles way faster than planned, I just wanted to be done.

Total: 22.9, woot! should've done just a tenth of a mile more for an even number, oh well ;)

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