Thursday, January 26, 2006

New Shoes!!!!

Oh how I love getting new shoes! I'm so excited to try them out. I already told Stu that I'm going for a short run (3 miles) after dinner, tee hee.

They are blue and white, mostly blue since I hate the dirty "white" look that takes over the first time you run in your new shoes. They are so comfy and feel great when I'm running! Nice and supported but not too stiff or hard. Not loose and wiggly like my last pair felt, even when my laces were tight.

Perfect timing since marathon training officially starts on Monday, woohoo!! Oh and "Hawk" the owner of Runner's Corner, gave me some tips on training for the Canyonlands half marathon. So I'm psyched up for that now too, yay!


ShelahBooksIt said...

woo hoo for new shoes!

StuTheWise said...

you're welcome ;)

Shameless plug:
Doba is hiring

Pamela said...

Congrats!! I love getting new shoes....ok so maybe I'm not referring to runners shoes but nonetheless

Rachelle said...

Yay for new shoes! I hope they work great for you.

Lee said...

How fun to get new shoes! I hope all goes well with the training!! Good luck!