Monday, June 28, 2010


I have seasonal allergies and they usually hit in August but a year or two ago my body decided that it wanted more attention from the Kleenex makers. I am now allergic to some trees or something too. Also, I seem to want attention from the Kleenex makers too because we adopted two kitties a couple of years ago and I'm allergic to them as well, so spring sucks for my sinuses is what I'm saying.

I just got in from mowing the lawn, well to be honest, M mowed while I picked up the million little twigs, garbage, rocks, toys, and the like from all over the yard. Sad thing is, only half of our yard has what could resemble grass (the weeds are taking over and the grass hasn't recovered from me trying to induce a drought last year), so when we finally get the rest of the yard seeded (this fall I hope!!) maybe I wont be sneezing my eyes out and walking around with a river flowing out of my nose.

Hmm...maybe you all wont be happy that I started blogging again, if this is what my posts are going to consist of ;)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Yummy dinner

M wanted a special dinner and I told him that maybe I'd make it, I wasn't sure since it's not my fave. I walk into the kitchen later and this is what I find.

It says "Eat me please" and he put out plates and forks too, so I would have less work and he would get his way.
What was his special dinner?


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Such a slacker

I have so many blog posts floating around my head, but I just haven't gotten around to posting them. I think I'm a perfectionist when it comes to blogging, I have this list of things I have to do or I don't post. I'm going to try and just blog what comes to mind when I have a few minutes, rather than waiting for that perfect moment to write that perfect post.

Summer has been good to me so far, for the most part.

First summer block is finished. Second block has begun.
Kids are alive and happy.
Hubby is home, a lot, which is awesome for me just not for the finances :)
Taking my big test tomorrow.
LittleMan turned 8 and was baptized.
L finished her first year of jr high
M is growing his hair out to look like Wolverine, umm...yay?!?
We have water leaks that I get to learn to fix, kind of excited to try out my hand at plumbing.
My yard is ugly and dying, so we'll be trying to resurrect it soon.
We are going to NY for 3 weeks! 3 weeks!!

See....lots to say, I'll get around to it, I promise.