Wednesday, April 26, 2006

6 weird things about me....

Sabra tagged me. I am trying to think of 6 noteworthy things and am having a hard time. So I'm sure I'll change this post a few times, updating with good weird stuff :P

1. I have hitch hikers thumb, this pic isn't the best. I'm no photog.

2. I have to have my ankles crossed when I'm laying down, doesn't matter if I'm on my back, tummy or side. And I didn't realize that I did this until little man started doing it about 2 years ago, lol.

3. In 8th grade I was in the class spelling bee and ended up winning it. So I went on to the school spelling bee. Not weird you say? well, I still spell words in my head, like I'm practicing for some randomw spelling bee? no idea. And for the record, I missed the first word at the school spelling bee, ha.

4. I enjoy tomato and cheese sandwiches, yum! tomato in the center and two slices of cheese for the "bread" and thats it, so good. And my sister says that the fact that I enjoy radishes is weird :P

5. The arches of my feet are super high and my toes are super short. I have nice square feet :P

6. I think in a Southern accent, no idea why. I've lived in Utah all my life, except for a brief two year break to California. Its really bad and I start to speak the accent outloud when I hear someone with an accent. But I really suck at it if I try to do it on purpose, lol.


Valarie said...

weirdo! ;)

Sabra said...

my dad picks up other peoples' accents,too. you're right, it is weird ;)

sheri said...

And you thought I was weird! You crack me up