Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Garmin 205, oh how I love thee!

Stu got me a Garmin 205.
I have been lusting after one for over a year! When I first started running, I enjoyed just going and then coming home and figuring out how far I went. But then I started training for various races, so I had to run a specific distance, which usually meant I had to plot a course before I went out the door. I didn't mind for a long time, then I started to get bored and it was harder to find a route to run that wasn't full of hills.

With the Garmin, I can just take off out my front door, run where i feel like it and track my mileage all at the same time. Plus! I can do all sorts of other cool stuff, like tell it what pace I want to run and then a little training buddy pops up on my screen and I try to keep pace with him, how fun is that?

I have been sick for the last week, but finally got to take the Garmin for a run this morning, I think I need to name him. It has to be a him because it's freaking huge :P but that's ok. Anyway, I had a great time, just ran out from my house for 1.5 miles and then turned around and came home. But Saturday I'm running 8 miles and I look forward to checking out new scenery :).

Oh and I love my Hunny too, and not just because he buys me cool gadgets ;).


Stu the (not so) Wise said...

I say name him Bob Phornowski. And as long as he isn't bigger than me, I guess it's okay that you have a new boyfriend.

Lena said...

WoW! I might run if I had one of those!

Life ticks on said...

I say Gavin Garmin! haha

. . . Dallas Meow . . . . >^^< . . . said...

I am patiently waiting for the day I can have one implanted -
today I got lost in my own city