Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A tip

Because I haven't taken any pictures of my newly refinished hardwood entry/hall, I decided to pacify you with a valuable tip I learned in the process.

If you get polyurethane or stain on your hands and they are sticky yet soap does not help, try the germ-X, that stuff with it's high alcohol contents, works wonders! I was desperate trying to get the sticky, icky off and decided to give it a try, works great!

Plus, it kills any germs you may have ;)

I'll try to post pics soon and maybe start talking about my kids again or even, *gasp* start running again ;).


Heidi said...

Yoooo-hoooo! Meadow!!! Come out and play!

(I need an update... ;) )

g said...

I can't wait for pictures!

foodie said...

Get a move on would ya!!! J/K! Wanna know what else would probably work on that??? Lacquor (Paint Thinner). We use that at work on all sorts of stuff!!!