Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The rest of the house.

The boys room, I like the contrast of the two colors, two walls are the blue color and two are the beige color.

We let the boys put their hand prints in their closet and left the closet the rooms original blue color. I also put the date we put their hand prints in their, so we can see how they grow :).

This is my bedroom, the color is a bit more green than it looks in the pic, I really like it. It's calming to me, I will probably go with some "beach" theme in here, not overboard, but just a little something so it looks like this color was intentional and not the $5 mistint paint, hehe.

The Laundry room and 1/2 bath, I wanted something bright for this area, it's strangely close to the same color as my bedroom, lol.
And here is L's room, she wanted tons of color so we compromised and made a bouncing ball theme, the circles travel up and down the walls around the room. She loves it, as do I.
We also let L do as she wished with her closet, she also added the date she painted her room too.
A better view of the "balls"

I didn't add a picture of the full bath because it's small and really hard to take a picture of, it's a sage green in there, it will look perfect with the shower curtain I made.


Kermit~the~Frog said...

Looks great! I love the boys' room -- I think I am partial to decorating for boys. I'm glad everyone got to be involved and make choices about their home.

I recently read an article about renting/owning and the author, who feels owning is not a financial advantage in the current market, says the best reason to BUY is because you want to personalize your home, to make your own mark. I can see this as an advantage when I look at your new home.

QueenMeadow said...

Thanks Kermit :). I can see her point, it will cost us a good $300 more per month for our own home but I get to personalize it, add some things I couldn't renting and that just makes all the difference for me right now :).

I'm just trying not to think about the added work, ha.

g said...

I love every bit of it! You guys did a GREAT job and I love the colors you chose. The house is great--awesome wood floors and cabinets. Yay!!

Amber said...

Good job on the painting! I can't wait until we're somewhere we can paint again.

Lei said...

The handprints in the closet are so darling.