Thursday, March 30, 2006

Yay for spring!

Our landlords take care of our yard. We do no yardwork at all, so spoiled!! Anyway, they hired some landcapers to come and rip out all the evergreen bushes, woohoo!! I hate evergreen bushes, not even sure thats what they are called, lol. I'm so excited that I want to just sit out on the lawn and watch as those ugly things are ripped out of the earth and piled high waiting for carting off, far away from my house, wohoo!!

I am loving the sun we have this morning, the warming temps, no scraping of ice off our windshield. Flowers are starting to pop up, grass is trying to green up a bit. Just a happy day in Utah. Of course my backyard is a big mud pit because all of the rain and my boys will want to be out there playing, pure joy for kids...warm weather, sunshine and mud!

I can't wait to go running early tomorrow, I love running early when the sun is rising and very few people are out, such a renewal of my love for running :)

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