Wednesday, March 08, 2006


I worked out with a trainer at the gym yesterday. I stupidly said "lets do legs and abs today" yeah, first day of the week for running and I want to kill myself before I even begin, ha.

So my legs were pretty much jello the whole day. It was quite humorous I'm sure. I had to take the elevator at Stu's office because I couldn't walk down the stairs without my legs buckling. They didn't hurt, just exhausted! So I wake up this morning to an entire body as sore as can be. "oh good, looks like the 5 miler I have scheduled will go well" I thought sarcastically.

But I did it, and I think I'm more proud of myself for sticking it out, albeit slowly, and getting it done. Rather than giving up and using all the excuses I gave myself this morning. I do feel a little better now too, so thats good.

I think I'll ask my hunny to give me a leg massage tonight :)


Lee said...

That is so hard when you feel like that. But good for you for getting your run in. I ran for the first time in months today.

QueenMeadow said...

Way to go Lee, thats awesome :)

still hobbling along here, but atleast my butt will be looking better with all this torture, ha.

Sunny said...

Go Meadow, Go Meadow, Go Meadow!

You are so awsome! You beyond deserve a leg massage!