Saturday, March 11, 2006

Two posts in one :)

First, my week in training.

Monday - 0, lazy butt
Tuesday - 2.5, super hard weight workout too, eek
Wednesday - 5.5 slow and steady
Thursday - 3, just walked, trying to work the soreness out
Friday - rest
Saturday - 9, freezing! and of course the sun is out now that I'm home :P

Total- 20 miles

And I had to share the true reason that I had kids. To kill spiders for me. I hate spiders, oh very much hate them. I can't stand to even watch them on TV, ick! I do have to say that I'm a pretty darn good actress ;). "Oh look Little man, there is a spider. Wanna get it?" Little man says "ok, I squish it" and I say "Good job buddy! put it in the garbage now" big smile on my face the whole time. While inside I'm trembling, hoping he chooses the kitchen garbage over the one next to me, lol.


MusicalMom said...

That's so funny!!!!

Having three girls, I deal with the opposite. They are afraid of ants, flies, gnats, etc. Anything that creeps and crawls.

emlouisa said...

Too funny about the spiders! Can't wait to train my boys to destroy them!

Pamela said...

I do the same thing with my girls and

The Constant Gardener said...

LOL! I'm willing to bet that Fat Girl will be a spider killer for me.

Lee said...

LOL! Good job on your workout! It is hard work.
Love that you have your kids kill the spiders.

Lei said...

Don't mind spiders. But roaches? Holy crap I can't stand them!

QueenMeadow said...

I'm so glad that I've never seen a roach IRL ever! Bugs in general don't bother me, its just the spiders :P