Thursday, March 02, 2006

Why did I want to get into shape?

I keep telling myself its so I can be toned and look good, feel good. But I think really, that its a form of torture. Maybe I have some deep hidden feelings that I deserve to suffer ;)

I was lifting weights on Tuesday when one of the trainers came over trying to get me to sign up and said I could have a free session to see if I would like working with a trainer. I said "sure, that sounds great!" of course he finds the biggest trainer they have, ha! So this big guy comes over and we decide to work on my biceps and back. I think half the time I was lifting weights more than half my weight. Um...yeah, I think I'll be sore for the rest of my life, lol.

Hi, I'm Meadow.....I can't straighten my arms completely or pick up my 3 year old without wincing. But yeah, I'll be toned and in good health soon, right? RIGHT?!?


The Constant Gardener said...

That's the "good" kind of sore, right?

QueenMeadow said...

yeah, its good, well as good as sore can be, lol.

Nothing is damaged, so thats good. i just look like a dork ;)

KAT said...

get a massage, I'm told they can really help in this situation. (Not being the runner but the massage therapist at the end of the St. George Marathon)

QueenMeadow said...

Thanks Kat! I'll look into that :)

Lee said...

But it feels so good doesn't it? I love that feeling!!