Sunday, December 25, 2005

A special thank you to my family!

My husband reads my blog, so I decided to make sure he and all my friends get to see how much I appreciate him.

My hunny always stands by my side, he always supports me in whatever goal I set for myself. He doesn't complain when I get up saturday morning and go running for a couple of hours and then come home and shower. He always goes to my races, though only 2 thus far. Dragging the kids along and entertaining them for an hour or two.

He also puts up with the "need" for new gear and gadgets, the newest race that I want to try. The sore muscles and afternoon naps after a hard training week. The endless questions about my butt looking more firm or my thighs being less squishy :).

Without my husband and kids, I wouldn't have the same strength and support to reach harder and do more to better myself and enjoy my life.

I love you my hunny!

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StuTheWise said...

tee hee... I'm so embarrassed.