Friday, December 16, 2005

Christmas stresses and joys

Holidays can be so joyous. Seeing family and friends that I rarely get to see, is one of my favorite parts of the season. Another thing I love, is finding a gift that fits someones personality perfectly. The anticipation of their reactions or the helping someone in their lives is what I strive for. Maybe a little humor to help during the work day, or helping them look nice as they are out and about.
This year I decided to make the gifts for our gift exchange. Why? I don't know, to use up fabric that I have or to save some money. Or just plain insanity, yeah thats the real reason ;)
So I'm stressed more than ever, finals are finally done, my house is somewhat clean and the kids are fed, for the mostpart :P. Anyway, when I stress I get really tired. Which means, I sleep in and don't run. Not running means I don't handle stress as well, which makes me more tired. Vicious cycle!
So today I am finishing the quilts I started and then tomorrow I can go running and hopefully the cycle will end.
One other thing that I've tried to do recently is to focus on the little things that are fun for me. I was challenged to write about our Christmas stockings, what I do with them and why. Growing up we always got an orange and peanuts, with other little fun trinkets. I haven't really done anything fun like that with my kids. So this year I got oranges and candy canes. Plus some new toothbrushes, my kids think that is the best! And some cute little toys to go in there too. I always put the stocking in front of the little gift pile for each person, so they know immediately which pile is theirs. We usually go through the stockings last, find cute little treasures to play with. Oh and I decided to get some of those little boxes of cereal plus a juice box, nice and easy breakfast that isn't super loaded with sugar.
Whew, nice and rambly post to go along with my blog title :)


ShelahBooksIt said...

I totally hear ya on the vicious cycle of stress and not running. Glad finals are over for you!

Alissa said...

oh! toothbrushes! add them to my list!!

Steph said...

I, too, had a momentary lapse of sanity on the whole homemade gift thing. What were we thinking???

And I like the ceriel idea!