Friday, December 09, 2005

So I didn't get three days in a row, so shoot me!

I took thursday off, but I don't feel at all guilty :P. I did however get a very nice run in this morning. Not as long as I would have liked, but I ran out of time. I did learn one very important thing, I am a big giant wuss. I planned to do my arms/upper back weight workout on thursdays, but since I took thursday off I decided to do the workout today.
I thought I would do a great job on some of the weights because I carry my 35lb 3 year old around regularly (yeah, I know he is spoiled). But alas, it has done nothing. I could not do a single thing with the weights about 30 lbs, 3o lbs!!! you know how freaking light that is? sheesh! I guess it has helped to renew my desire to strenthen my upper body, I want those awesome fit arms I see all the other fit women have!

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