Friday, September 22, 2006


I have a few pet peeves that I try to control, atleast in front of strangers :P.

One of which is someone touching and or moving my chair. In my math class we have rows of desks/chairs that touch each other front to back. I usually arrive early so I can move my chair up from the one behind it and move the one in front of it up so nothing is touching my chair (not real noticeable, just a few inches). Anyway, last night the girl behind me kept tapping on my chair with her foot. She must've had a song stuck in her head 'cause it had a beat to it.

I was going completely insane. So distracted I couldn't concentrate! I got very close to getting up and moving, lol.

Teacher "2x + 4y = 17 and 3x - 4y = 6 works.....

tap tap tap tap (me "stop doing that, should I move? will it be too rude to ask her to stop? Can I stomp her foot and get away with it?"

Teacher "addition method"......

tap tap, thump thump, tap "knock it off!! I can't stand it! Crap, what did he just say?"

Teacher "equals 6"

tap tap, "dangit!!"

Teacher "or multiply the whole thing by 2 to make it"......

tap thump tap thump thump thump, tap tap...."NOOOO!!!! ahhh...I can't stand it!"

sweet relief, she leaves early!!

Teacher "4x + 6y = 4 and -4x + 2y = 11 which method would work for this system of equations?"

Me "don't ask me, don't ask me, don't ask me" hehe


frugalmom said...

I love the colors of the new template. Much easier on the eyes!

Sabra said...

how rude of her! i'm annoyed for you. maybe Char can tutor you on what you missed by being so distracted.