Sunday, September 10, 2006

Oh beautiful day!

Yesterday was cold and wet, not very fun! But today is gorgeous out! I love fall weather :)

And I canned 5 quarts of peaches, I forgot how much I love looking at freshly canned peaches. I can't wait until tomorrow when I get time to can some pears, woohoo!

My job is almost over (have a double header today, sigh)and I couldn't be happier. I've learned a lot about baseball and enjoy it more than I used to, but can't say that I'd pay to go to a game yet, lol.

Allergy season should be winding down soon, atleast I hope so. I'm miserable and so is little man, poor kid.

I am enjoying all three classes this semester, very surprising to me. So that is making it more fun :)

M lost two teeth in about a week! He feels very grown up and much richer :P

L also lost a tooth and is starting the fun hormone stage, wee!

Little Man gets to meet his speech therapist tomorrow, I sure hope he is nicer to her than he was to his last one ;)

Stu got a promotion at work, he is super busy now and seems to be thriving on the change of pace. He is getting to do things that he loves, teach. He is the new education person, so he trains employees and clients, perfect fit for him.

The end.


Char said...

Hi Meadow! You sound busy...glad you're alive and well!

sheri said...

Yep. You're in the thick of motherhood right there!

foodie said...

THE OWLZ LOST!!! You forgot to mention that in an updated post or something. No more job HOORAY!