Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Woohooo! Freedom!!

And it is here! The older two are off to school and will not be done until 2:15, woot!

Little Man decided that he has to stand next to me all day "I don't know what to do, I need to play on the computer" So much for one on one time :P

ETA: I am also excited that I finally found pants to fit L. Miss long skinny legs is so hard to dress. We never find pants long enough and slim enough for her, look at that great fit, woohoo!


Char said...

The pants look great! Woot for you being home with only one kid!

sheri said...

rofl...I was just about to come post pretty much word for word what Char said. Scary that there are 2 of us out there, eh?
The pants really do look great. And yay for 1 kid at home! Maybe it'll make the time they're all 3 together better because they won't be sick of each other.

ubercyl said...

I agree, the long pants look super on her, love the wash.

Hooray for school! Scooter leaves at 8:25 and doesn't get home till 4:00. That gives me a lot of time to lavish the love on the younger two (and, sigh, clean the house). And waste too much time on the computer.