Monday, May 22, 2006

My Life Monday

My parents named me Meadow because they liked it.

No cool story, just "hey, Meadow thats a good one" "Ok, sounds good to me too" Though my dad likes to tell people that they named me Meadow because that is where I was concieved :P, sure dad....whatever *eyeroll* lol.

I love my name, though it can get frustrating when I tell someone what my name is "Metal? what?!" me "no, Meadow...M.e.a.d.o.w" "wow, oh thats beautiful" is the usual response, haha. But they somehow forget and call me Autumn, Summer or Misty for some reason. Telemarketers usually screw it up too, no idea why, maybe they think its my last name and they don't want to sound foolish? ha.

Oh and one favorite comment I get "Your name please..." me "Meadow" them "no, your first name" duh, like I can't see the form you are filling out and see that it says first name _______. "yes, that is my first name" them "Oh, I'm sorry, that is so pretty"

I thought that with all the more unique names out there now, I'd have it easier but no such luck. Oh well, atleast I don't run into someone with my same name often. One time in my life in fact ;)


Rachelle said...

LOL about the conception place, even if untrue. Unique names are nice, but really hard in the real world huh?

Char said...

SO glad you decided to play MLM today!

Lee said...

Meadow I am totally LOL about the comment from your dad on the conception.. makes for a good story.

Amber said...

Glad you're playing too- I would totally tell people the conception story- just to see them squirm.