Thursday, May 18, 2006

I'm here, I'm melting, and I'm lazy!

Sorry for being MIA lately. I will do my life monday and post about the fun swimming the kids have been doing, tomorrow maybe.

Its freaking hot. My allergies suck. Insurance sucks. Medication freaking costs a ton. I'm freaking hot!

I went to the ENT on tuesday, she wants me to get a CT scan but it will cost atleast $600 so its not going to happen. We're trying allergy meds and nasal washing (sick, eh?) to clear up the chronic sinusitis, since antibiotics aren't doing any good. So we'll see if that works.


Alissa said...

sux Meadow! I'm so sorry! hope the nasal washing (ew!) works!

Char said...

Man that sucks!

sheri said...

Aw man, Meadow! I totally feel for you. I've currently got a heck of a sinus "issue" going on and it sucks! I can't imagine it being so chronic like it has been for you. I hope the "wash" works. (btdt. gross)