Monday, May 15, 2006

How was your Mothers Day?

I hope you all had a great day to enjoy your families. I ended up with a great day. But it started out fairly poorly. My children decided that fighting, crying, whining and general misbehaving was how they wanted me to know they loved me. I guess I'll pretend that it was just their way of getting my attention. Yesterday morning made me glad that I only had 3 children and that we are finished :P.

The afternoon was much better, little man decided he liked the world again and the other two kids decided that they didn't want to be in time out for the rest of their lives ;)

I am so happy to have my children. After yesterday I feel so blessed to have a wonderful husband to share the parenting with me. I don't think I could survive being a single mom. I would probably be running down the street from my home screaming "I can't take it anymore, someone save me!" after the first week, hehe.

M made me a cute plate at school and L made me a card and got me a little chocolate (that she wants me to share with her, lol) and little man gave me one of his toy guns, lol.

I'm thinking that these made up holiday's are more trouble than they are worth :P. Maybe I'll boycott them from now on and wont have to worry about the "gifts" my children decide to bestow upon me ;).

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