Wednesday, May 31, 2006

In Memory Of....

I know I'm late, its pretty common for me ;)

I want to first thank all the soldiers, current and from the past. They have sacrificed so much for my freedom and my family. I am so greatful to live here in the U.S. in this time with so many comforts, freedoms and possibilities.

I would also like to talk about my Great Grandma, she was an awesome lady. So spunky, energetic and kind. She was the cookie lady of her neighborhood and loved having all the kids come visit her. She never stopped moving, always busy doing something. Stu and I were married in her backyard and she spent hours the day before making her yard beautiful! The neighbors came over to help out, because she just wouldn't stop, lol. She was 85, I think, at the time. She told me she was 87 several years in a row, lol, so I am not sure her current age when we got married ;)

My Great Grandpa died when I was 11 and I remember him being ill for many years before that. My Great Grandma willed him to live for quite awhile. One favorite story is when he was in the hospital and the drs said he wouldn't make it through the night. She sat on a chair rocking back and forth saying "you are going to make it, I'm not ready to lose you yet!" and "Heavenly Father, don't you dare take him yet, I still need him!" He made it for a few more years and they were a happy time.

She passed away when I was 22 years old. I loved that I was able to know her quite well, spend a lot of time with her and learning so much. She loved everyone and wasn't afraid to speak her mind, she was so great at doing it too. You never felt bad when you were reprimanded and she had everyone scared of her, even though she was maybe 100 pounds and about 4ft 8 inches tall, haha. She was the BYU basketball/football teams #1 fan and was so proud of her signed football and team photos with her in them. She barely reached the players waistes, but you bet they could hear her screaming her support. One day she even wrote one of the players, I forget which one, and told him that he was a role model for kids everywhere and that she saw/heard him swear on T.V. so he needed to be careful. She said "if you get upset just say peas and potatoes."

Thats my Great Grandma and I miss her :)

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