Monday, May 08, 2006

My Life Monday

Thanks to Rachelle for starting this fun topic.

I have been thinking about this weeks topic "Week 1 topic - My Most Memorable Childhood Experience" and have had a hard time deciding what I wanted to post. I had a pretty normal childhood, nothing major happend to me. Hmm....I think that I'll tell about the time our family went deer hunting. I was about 10, I think, and it was a family tradition, to go hunting every year. We'd go camping for about a week or so and freeze most of the time :P

All of us older kids took turns hiking out with my dad to keep him company. Atleast thats what we thought, it was probably more of a break for my mom ;). We would pack up some hard candy to suck on and bundle up, then trudge off for a few hours until we were too cold or hungry and we'd head back to camp. I was sitting there next to my dad, trying to play quietly because I didn't want to scare the deer away. I found these cool little squishy rocks to stack, I thought it was great fun. Then my dad decided to spoil my fun and tell me that I was playing with deer poop, ewww!! Here I was out in the middle of nowhere, not anything to drink let alone to wash my hands, sick! I was about to get up disgusted and insist on returning to camp when my dad said "shh...there is a deer, don't move." I stood up slowly and quietly with him and took a step back so that I wouldn't be next to his loud gun. He took a shot and the deer ran a few feet then dropped to the ground. My dad instructed me to wait there incase the deer got back up, he would be in shock and might stomp me. Enough said, I wasn't moving ;) hehe.

My dad heads down to the deer and finds it dead, phew. So I go down to him and watch him gut the deer, fascinating actually, but quite stinky. I'm sure not as stinky as Emily's turkey farm, but stinky none-the-less. My dad had to go get help because the deer was much too heavy to drag away. He of course wants to make sure his deer isn't stolen, so I'm enlisted to sit there with dead thing and wait for him to come back. After what felt like an eternity, probably close to an hour, he came back with my mom and his friend with a truck. I was exhaused and stinky and wanted nothing to do with camping or hunting again. We went back to camp and had dinner, I felt good enough to stand next to "my" deer for a picture, so it couldn't have been that bad ;).

My dad called me his good luck charm from then on, I think thats why this experience is one of my favorite memories.


emlouisa said...

lol about the deer poop! EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!

I went deer hunting once. My dad accidentally shot a doe and ended up getting arrested! We walked home without him (we lived pretty nearby) and my mom was very confused!

QueenMeadow said...

My dad shot a 3 point but the fish and game said one horn was too short, so they took the deer. I'm glad he wasn't arrested :P I hope they didn't keep him long, that would suck.

momofalltrades said...

I remember deer camp. My favorite thing was fishing out of the beaver pond. As many brookie's as we could eat!

Valarie said...

at least you didn't think they were some form of raisins. :P

I used to go hunting with my dad, too. I think I'll say I'm glad my husband isn't into that.

Rachelle said...

LOL about deer poop! I'm so not into hunting. Thanks for participating!