Monday, June 19, 2006

Hormones suck!

I want to know why people say "oh, you poor thing. It must be hard dealing with your wifes hormonal outbreaks." How about the wife? Its not fun being angry at the world when it didn't do anything to you, lol. Pissed off that the kids are having a great time playing nicely in the pool, just because. Or frustrated that the garbage can is full when you are the one that filled it up.

Or maybe we should talk about the tears....lets randomly cry because maybe your son smiled at you without being prompted. How about tearing up because your daughter decided to clean up after herself without being asked. She's 9 years old for crying out loud! It isn't like this is a rare occasion, well unless you are in the angry part of the hormones, then it never happens :P

I hate going through mood swings. I feel like some sort of crazed whack job that should be locked in a closet and only fed jello and pudding or other soft safe things ;)

I'm going to start saying to the husband of a hormal woman "suck it up, she's the one dealing with all the crap!" tee hee.

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Darci said...

Just found your blog. Yeah I hate those hormones.