Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Hee hee hee!

M and I set up our little pool today so the kids could go swimming. They had a great time this morning and got out for lunch and a break. M decided that it was time to swim again so they all race off to get their suits back on. Next thing I see is a naked 5 year old racing by with his suit in his hands....

M "I can't have my wet swimsuit on in the house"
Me "where are you going?"
M "I gotta get dressed outside, its wet!"
Me (trying not to giggle) "you can't go outside naked!"
M "Oh yeah (sheepish grin) I forgot"

So I turn around to giggle and he hurries and gets dressed then outside he goes.

Too bad I was too slow with the camera, that would've been a great scrapbooking page, haha.

Edited to add that boys are gross!

Little man farted in the pool and discovered that it makes bubbles. So now Mason yells across the yard to me "Little man tooted and it made bubbles!!" Little man, not to be outdone by M has to yell it too "I tooted and made bubbles!" so M is pushing as hard as he can to fart too. Nice!


Lee said...

Oh. my. grossness.
ROFL at the running outside naked! Kids are hilarious.

SuAnn said...

LOL about the naked boy. I am constantly chasing my 2yo making her put clothes on. Her favorite thing is to strip and get out of the house. Yeah my neighbors think i am such a great mom.

StuTheWise said...

...when you are a man, sometimes you wear stretchy pants in your room. It's for fun.

sheri said...

funny AND cute!!