Saturday, February 18, 2006

Ahh...thats better :)

No, I didn't get to run, but I did get in a great workout this morning! So good that I had to rest for awhile after breakfast, lol. My cute cute kids decided that they wanted to workout, so they asked me to show them a few things to try. I tried doing jumping jacks (yeah, cheater version so I didn't hurt my foot ;) ), but my legs were beat. Kindof embarassing acutally :P

Little man is getting pretty good at pushups and he's only 3. M can do a few situps, but watch out for leg lifts, that boy is a natural ;). L is great at just about anything she tries. Too bad she doesn't feel the need to apply that talent to picking up after herself ;)

Off to watch some speed skating and the Super G at the Olympics!

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