Friday, October 07, 2005

Why do I set goals?

Is it just to torture myself when I fail? I set a goal to run a marathon this year. I ended up pushing it back to next year so I could get more training in. I had planned on starting my official marathon training in January, but the big wigs of the Salt Lake marathon decided that June 3rd would be a better date for the marathon rather than April. So I don't start my official training until mid February or so.

So, I decided to set a goal this month to get myself back up to marathon shape. I wanted to be up to 23-25 miles per week by the end of the month. Which meant that this week I was going to run 12-15 miles, well so far I have a grand total of 4.2 miles, whoop de doo! I suppose I can run 4 tonight and then 4-6 or so tomorrow morning. But I always fizzle out in the evenings after a long day of kids and driving, not to mention cooking and cleaning.

I guess I'm feeling a bit down since its the first week of the month and I am already sucking.


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