Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A little about me

I started running in February of 2005. I hadn't planned on becoming a runner, I just wanted to get in shape, lose a bit of flab. Little did I know about the addiction that would take over my life soon after.

In April I logged in 37 miles for the whole month, that was such a huge accomplishment for me. I hadn't run since high school when I was forced to run the mile, I hated running! I thought runners were a bunch of crazies, especially those that went out in the cold, dark days of winter.

In May I decided that I wanted to run the 10k freedom run in Provo. My husband ran it 12 years earlier before we were married and I wanted to beat his time :) That is one thing that I should mention, I am very competetive in some things and apparently running is one of those things, hehe. Anyway, I started training for the 10k and realized that running was tons of fun, hey why not do a marathon? Hmm....I could do a marathon, yeah that would be cool to do since I was turning 30 this year.

So I stupidly ran 13 miles on saturday as part of my marathon training and the 10k was on Monday. My legs were so tired, no way could I beat Stu's speedy time. So I trudged along and just had a blast! It took 1hr and 4 minutes to complete the 10k, ahh....so hard but awesome!

Life got in the way and my training really suffered over the summer, so I decided to push my marathon goal back a few months and run the salt lake marathon instead. I needed a bit more time to get myself into shape. I chose the Salt Lake marathon because its fairly close to my home and it was in April, I would have a couple of months to play around with my exercise routine before I was sucked into running, running and more running.

Today I found out they moved the marathon date back to June 3rd, I'm a bit disappointed, but it does give me a bit more time to get faster. Maybe I can beat my time goal that I set after my 10k, yeah that sounds good!

Well, I guess thats enough rambling to put you all to sleep, so I'll stop for now.

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