Saturday, January 30, 2010

pitty party

I'm having a pitty party today. I need to take two more math classes in order to get my associates degree (well and Bachelors too, of course) so I can take the performance part of my interpreter certification test. I want to take my performance test this summer, assuming I'm ready by then, at the moment I'm not quite there. Anyway, I have a really hard time with math, like "don't panic or it will make it worse" hard time ;).

This semester I'm determined to pass math, this is the 4th time taking the class, though 2 I didn't give any real effort after the midterm failure. So I spent 3 hours in the math lab getting help and then many hours on homework and studying. Took the test, couldn't even guess at some of the questions. So...another failure for me :(.

I am going to keep trying, I must pass this class this semester or graduating on time will be iffy. I'm just going to sit here and feel like a loser for a little bit longer before I try, try again.


rebecca said...

eat something peanut buttery and chocolaty... that always helps me feel better!

Heather said...

oh man. remind me to tell you through txting how I passed

C's get degrees....