Sunday, March 07, 2010


I am a knitter but I am also a signer, both use pretty much that same forearm muscles. I have tendinitis due to my job as a transcriptionist for eight months. Anyhoo, I've been signing a lot more this semester and sometimes my arms get sore and tight, other times they are fine. I usually choose to knit on those times that my arms are happy, I'm wondering if that makes it so my arms aren't getting over the tendinitis. I'm also wondering if I should go see someone about the tendinitis, I think I will as soon as we have insurance again.

So after this seemingly endless rambling...a summary, my arms are slightly sore, I have to choose between a favorite hobby and a career that I am loving immensely (though it's all volunteer work right now, still it's work ;) )

*edit to fix grammatical and spelling errors, sorry.

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rachel! said...

You know my vote.... :)