Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Unfit to be a single mom.

I don't know how those of you with dh's that travel a lot or those of you that are single moms do it. I have help and I am still exhausted! My husband is gone for 4 days and nights and I'm not looking forward to it :(.

I think I may have a brain meltdown before the week is over ;).

I'm hoping to take the kids to the "fun" park later this week, so I'll post some pictures of that soon. Pictures always make the blog more fun, lol.

Oh, and the exciting news I was going to share earlier was that we were going to buy a house but are waiting a few more months, so I still hope you stay tuned, it will just take a bit longer than planned ;)


g said...

What fun park is that?

Congrats on the house buying. I'm so excited for you!

QueenMeadow said...

The park down the hill from me, with the swing that turns, and a pond, and a fountain the kids can play in :)

Heidi said...

On the few occasions that Brian leaves out of town, I HATE IT!!!

Good luck with the house stuff still. :)

Sabra said...

i have a hard time getting through one night w/out D. Hats off to single parents.