Thursday, June 28, 2007

Run a go go, a no go.

I'm sure most of you noticed that I didn't meet my 100 mile goal, but I am not giving up. I haven't had time to really work out lately and my saggy butt is proof ;). I decided to start working out at home again, more of a stress relief than for toning, but something to get me back into a routine.

I discovered yoga today on someone else's blog (sorry, I can't remember who or I would link you) and decided to try it out yesterday. All of the lessons are free and they have new ones every day, amazing! It is a great stress reliever and a surprisingly good workout!! I plan on doing yoga several times a week, if not daily, from now on. I also hope to start running again soon, maybe when I'm back down to one job rather than two.

Oh and for some good news, I only have 7 workdays left with my second job :). I'm very excited to be home more and be off the phones, hehe. The job really isn't that bad, really, I just want to be home. So, July 7th will mark my days as a WAHM and not a WAHM/WOHM mom :) woot!


foodie said...

counting down usually makes the days go by so slow, even though its almost impossible not to think about it. kinda like counting down the hours until you get to go home at the end of the day. BOOORING!

g said...

I hope it goes by quickly. What's your wah job? If you find that yoga link, send it my way. I only have a prenatal yoga tape, and I'd love to try something else (even though it still kicks my behind and I'm not even pg!).