Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Ramble ramble, blah, blah. blah

Work is going well. I'm finally getting out of the boring stuff and into what I'll actually be doing. Yeah, it will be repetitious and could get boring, but talking to different people will be fun. Next week I'll be on the phones doing my real job :)

My house was so clean last week! But this week its a mess and I'm too tired to care. I am getting more and more busy as the days go on. Not sure that I enjoy that one too much.

I also got a new calling, I haven't been sustained yet so I can't announce what it is yet. Just one more thing to add to my long list of stuff to do. I guess thats part of life :)

And I interviewed for a 2nd job yesterday. This one will be working from home, which is nice with these gas prices we have to deal with now. Hopefully I get the job and can start working soon. It will take awhile to start making real money, but it can happen :)

I will be enrolling the kids in the public school online program. They will be at home still but will have a teacher they meet with weekly and the school district will make the lesson plans, which is what I need help with now. Plus they'll have all the state and federal testing, which will be nice to have if we do end up sending them back to public school. I have lots of paperwork to do for that and LittleMan has to get some immunizations, he doesn't know that yet though ;).

Stu likes his new job, much less stress, which makes me happy :). He posted about it on his blog if you want to learn more about it (shameless plug for my hunny's blog :) ). They may be hiring for at-home help fairly soon too, so I may go for that as well. We'll see, I think I'm getting ahead of myself a little bit ;)

I have begun looking at houses online and have fallen in love with a kitchen in a home thats just down the street from me. I may go through it in a week or so, if its still there then :).

Thats my long rambling and boring update for this week. Until next time.....

ETA: I walk about a mile a day, 1/2 to work and about 1/2 from work (I start walking while Stu comes to pick me up, I try to get farther from the office than the last time, but so far it hasn't happened, lol.) So my ticker is moving but not fast enough, I probably wont make the July 4th goal but thats ok. Its getting me moving again. If I start riding my bike home from work, I will make it for sure but for now I'll walk.


Stuart said...

I'm full of fizz and enjoying it.

g said...

Thanks for the update :) I hope all continues well.

Heidi said...

Glad things are going well Meadow!!! :)