Saturday, May 05, 2007

Hypocrites suck!

A local radio station, one that I listen to regularly, boasts about their support of our Troops and their families. They have contests regularly for the families of deployed soldiers. I always thought it was wonderful that they did this because not many radio stations have contests for the families alone, its for anyone that wants to play.

I read a blog post yesterday, from Emily about a friend that "won" and how poorly she was treated. It really made me mad, how can a person treat another human being that way and go on to pretend that it never happened? I listened to KBULL quite a bit yesterday, while traveling to and from Logan, and several times they talked about supporting the troops and their families. Bologna!

Pass the message along and help show everyone KBULL's true side, that they are a bunch of liars that couldn't help one person out or even apologize for a simple mistake. Stupid.

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Stuart said...

You know who else sucks? Hypocrites.

Good thing I'm not a hypocrite, though I guess I'd be hypocritical for saying so. Ah well.

I fully support the cause. Harassing radio DJ's brings back such lovely childhood memories!