Monday, May 07, 2007

First day of work.

Today is the day. I will be starting training at 3 pm. I'm a little nervous but mostly just tired, lol.

My in-laws will be watching the kids for 2 hours every day until I'm done with training and my schedule begins later, so dh can watch the kids. And one of my in-laws will be watching the kids at my house! So I have to go scrub every nook and cranny :P

I may not be blogging as much as I used to, we'll see how things work out. I may get into a great routine and be all organized, but I doubt it :). I still homeschool the kids, I still make as much of our food from scratch as I can, and I still love being online, tee hee. But I'm trying to substitute knitting for my online addiction because I can knit outside at the park or in the backyard or even in the kitchen while the kids play with playdough. I guess you'll just have to add me to your bloglines or googlenews or whatever the blog tracker sites are, that way you wont have to check back daily and see the same old post sitting there :)

A short update on the post below, about k-bull, they are apologizing, in person, this morning. I'm glad that they want to make Melinda feel better. I'm glad that the dj's are apologizing. I'm not sure that I'll listen to k-bull again for awhile, but this is a good step for them.

Have a great week!


Heidi said...


Don't be a stranger on here... I need *something* to read while my lazy butt is sitting at the computer! ;)

garaghty said...

Good luck with work:)

QueenMeadow said...

I survived and it was BORING! i hate the first day of work, all the legal crap they make you sit through.

It all made sense when my trainer said "We usually train 16 year olds in the evening class, so I know most of this does not apply to you." That was 4 hours into the shift :P. But that stuff is over and hopefully tonight will be better :)

foodie said...

Good luck with your new job! Maybe we should make a movie and call it "Working Girl?"

MusicalMom said...

Good luck!!!!!

Instead of knitting, you just need to get a laptop. ;) That's what I want so I can be online outside while the kids play. lol