Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Ahh winter!

I promise to post some cute pictures of my kids, eventually ;). But for now I'll whine about the cold weather and the overcast icky days. I think I need Stu to hurry up and make a few million dollars so we can vacation in warm areas during this icky winter weather.

Little Man was sick last week, some stomach bug. I got something similar for about 24 hours on Sunday/Monday. M is now complaining about a headache and has a slight fever, which doesn't surprise me because he gets a fever with every illness. I just hope it isn't 105 this time, not cool.

And this afternoon I was reminded that I am human afterall and I'm getting old. I can no longer skip breakfast and have a few chocolates for lunch, if I do I'll get a migraine. Fun fun :P

Oh and Happy New Year :) hehe.


Lena said...

MEadow- you don't need to go to a tropical spot- just come here! Especially after Peter makes OUR fortune and we are vacationing somewhere else, lol.

sheri said...

Sorry about the crappy weather. The "winter" months are my only solace to paying a fortune to live here in my 2 bdrm apartment. I should probably not mention that we went to the park today. And had to take off our jackets, it was so warm. And still ended up being hot :)
How's M feeling today?