Friday, December 22, 2006

A bevy of monsters

Little man and his siblings got some modeling clay from their grandpa. I asked each of them what they were making. L was making people, M was trying to copy her ;) and Little man was making "a bevy of monsters" I said " a waht?" he said "a bevy of monsters."

I tried not to giggle and asked him where he learned about bevy. He said "it means a lot of monsters, mom" like I was a dumb adult :P. L said he learned it from the old McDonalds videos we have. Finally, all that tv/movie watching is paying off, lol.

I taught him that plethora means the same thing. He said this morning "dad, I have a bevy, plethora of monsters!" hehe.

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Char said...

There's totally educational stuff on TV. It's where #1 learned about symmetry. ROFL.